Monday, April 13, 2009

and the winner is... In Memory of Grandpa Bernie

Another hard fought battle this year.  Submissions from Indiana, Ohio and Alabama made for an interesting group of contestants.

First Place, with 7 votes
In memory of Grandpa Bernie by Andrew stole the show.  An artistic and timely submission is hard to beat.

Second Place, a tie
The Alabama Bell and her northern mother both garnered 6 votes.  Cheep by The Alabama Bell was in the lead through much of the event with Egg Salad Surgery by Robin showing a strong finish.

Third Place
Signs of Spring by the Alabama Bell was a clear favorite of many garnering several positive comments.  Too bad comments do not count as votes.

Fourth Place
Carrot Top by the University of Cincinnati Queen (Leighann our neighbor) had a strong showing with 4 votes.  Leighann's first year in the contest was a huge success and I expect next year she will learn that quality is not always the key to success.  It's a hard lesson, but she's young.

Fifth Place, a three way tie
Eggsoneration by Robin, LaLaLaLaLaLaLa and Halloween both by the next country music idol enjoyed a strong following and generated viewer interest.  (neither of which count in the polls).  Luke's choice of LaLaLaLaLa was also Cousin Jake's vote, indicating both are at the same emotional, intellectual and social level.  The Chicago contingent put in a strong showing as Grandpa Casey voted twice for Robin's Eggsoneration, which of course is fully allowed within the rules of Chicago voting.

Sixth Place
Honey Bunny Bee by the UC Queen was a strong contender in the nature category.  I thought it would pull in more votes, but since it was first on the day to be posted, there was a renewed effort by ruthless competitors to stop the flow of honey. 

Honorable Mention
Driving the Train by Bo was a photo journalistic masterpiece showing the hard but joyous life of a conductor driving to a successful life.  Congratulations Bo on a fine contribution.

Last Place, not Seventh, but Last
Hope Rides Again (Aunt Mary), J Jagers (Aunt Mary), Gertrude (the UC Queen), Change, but When.?.?.? (the KC Kid) and Cowboys (Big Dad) all pretty much sucked or alienated the voters.  Now, we do know that Change, but When had a goal of receiving zero votes, so some level of success was achieved.  A word to the losers:  if you feel your contribution was meaningful, relevant or impactful, you are probably correct.  Several people reported being impacted after viewing your posts.

As we close this year's Easter Egg contribution, I would like to congratulate the winners and encourage the challengers to try again next year.  May the spirit of the holiday bless us all.

God Bless

Voting Closed

Reviewing the results now, results coming soon.  As to the question of "who decides" and "composition of the committee", I can assure the committee is a balanced and unbiased group of one.  Be back shortly with the results.  (Just returned from road trip taking Jake to the airport in Columbus.)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Now, I think all the eggs are posted

A host of submissions and good ones too!!!
Let the voting begin.

Now I know how Kansas City feels at the start of each baseball season, somewhat out of sorts. But now I feel like da Bears with a whole new lease on life.

Voting closes Monday night. After last year's controversy on the voting, I believe we have moved forward and have a higher level of integrity.

Rules of voting:
-all votes are signed, nothing anon (just like the new union rules for voting about to be put in effect)
-try to keep your vote to one per person (unless from Chicago)
-opinions (if valued by the nonpartial judge) are welcome -ties will be decided by a committee

Enjoy, the Monk zone 2009 Easter Egg Competition

Let the voting begin!!!!!


Cheep Cheep

Signs of Spring

Easter 2009

Driving the train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Honest, Sheriff Joe, it was the Easter Bunny

Egg Salad Surgery

J Jagers WINS!!! 2009 (and 2008) Div 1 National Champ

La La La La La La La La La La La

[from the editor: added a close-up of the suspect. someone called and thought they recognized him? her? credits: CSI crime lab for the photo enhancement. Sunday morning, 9:45am EST]

In memory of Grandpa Bernie

1920 - 2009

Easter 2009

Hope Rides Again

Easter 2009

Change, but when.?.?.?.?. Thank-you South Park!

More Eggs



First Three of the Day

Carrot Top

Honey Bunny Bee

Gertrude- Our favorite resident at the nursing home inspired us to create this old-fashioned egg!

Easter 2009

We are a bit behind here, just coloring eggs now. Posting will be later this evening.