Monday, September 03, 2012

Jake and Lacee Wedding

Finally, received the digital copies of the wedding photos!!!!!  Jake Monk and Lacee Monk, Miami, FL.  Boom!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

And the Winner is: Egg-ry Birds by the Miami Monks!!!!!

And the Winner is: Egg-ry Birds by the Miami Monks.

Congratulations to Jake Monk and Lacee Monk. Hard to believe that Katie Bowlby has been dethroned, but the Miami Monks have won the 2012 Easter Egg competition by a landslide garnering twelve (12) first place votes and one second place vote.

Eggr-ry Birds also pulled in the Award for Most Comments and received the best comment.

The winner emeritus earning the Best Comment Award, Katie Bowlby, offered, “I admit, I'm impressed. But the words I uttered when I saw this weren't very Easterly, so I can't vote for it.”

Ready to Hatch!! came in a strong second place.

Congratulations to Andrew and Jody. This entry reminds us all of the pig and the chicken story. Co-created in every way, Ready to Hatch!! shared origination rights, creative cooperation and earned the Award for Best Use of Natural Materials in creation of an original entry. (Note to Robin from Karl, my belly is already that big; give up now.) There truly was a commitment to this entry.

Lady Egga rounds out this year’s placers in third place.

Mary Monk slams a solid third place showing, winning awards in the categories of Best Use of Alternate Protein and Best Use of the same Old Background Two Years Running, Mary Monk captured the artistic spirit of this year’s entries.

Honorable mention goes to Big Handsome

The House of Bowlby earns Honorable Mention and receives the Award: Best Homer Entry of 2012.

Honorable mention goes to The Loregg

Obviously, a Jody Monk entry, she pulls in the Thorgren vote (no easy task). Congratulations for an appreciated and mustached entry.

Also winning awards…

a new egg in town by Katie Bowlby. Most Beautiful Award

Occu-p-egg Mayberry RFD by Tammy Loew, Best Political Entry

United Colors of Eggiton? by Steve Dorn. Yes folks, my college buddy, member of my wedding party and dearest of old friends placed this entry into the mix. Thank you!

Uncle Bob wins the Award for being the Most Coerced Voter, obviously forced to vote for Ready to Hatch!! and less obviously being forced to vote for his wife’s entry.

Receiving no awards, but since everyone wins, Danny Monk and Karl Monk receive participation ribbons.

God bless us all

Egg Creator
Zeggy Stardust Danny Monk
Greegter's Eggcream Karl Monk
Egg-ry Birds The Miami Monks
Occu-p-egg Mayberry RFD Aunt Tammy Loew
Lady Egga Mary Monk
Angry Birds (In Space) Katie B
Ready to Hatch!! Andrew Monk with a strong contribution by Jody Monk
Big Handsome Bowlby House
a new egg in town Luke Bowlby
The Loregg Jody Monk
United Colors of Eggiton? Steve Dorn
Green Guess? Who Am I Karl Monk

Easter 2012, Voting period is closed

I'm in the process of tallying votes and analyzing comments.

All Eggs are posted, let the 2012 Voting Begin!!

Year 7... Thanks to all who submitted eggs!
Voting closes at 7pm, Cincinnati time, on Easter Sunday (unless gratuitous begging extends the deadline.) All the eggs are posted. Let me know if I missed any, I'll remediate immediately.

This year saw a strong political flavor and multiple Angry Bird entries.

Voting Rules:Rule 1, (same as always) there are no rules. Vote as you like. Your comments matter and weigh heavily in the final determination.
Rule 2, see rule Number 1

Ranking of entries against each other is welcome.Post general comments on this post, specific comments on the individual egg submission.If you refer to last year's summary, you can see it will take me some time to tabulate the winner, correlate comments and try to have some fun. Thanks to all who submitted this year and to those that didn't, next year is right around the corner. Happy Easter to all and God bless!

Zeggy Stardust

Greegter's Eggscream

Egg-ry Birds (1 of 2)

The two Egg-ry Bird posts are one entry.

Egg-ry Birds (2 of 2)

End of first Angry Birds entry.

Occu-p-egg Mayberry RFD

Lady Egga

Angry Birds (In Space)

This is a separate Angry Birds entry from the two above.

Ready to Hatch!!

Big Handsome

If you believe in the future of Indiana basketball, then vote for Cody!

a new egg in town

remember, you can click on the picture to see a larger image

Grandma, this is for you! Just a reminder.

The Loregg

United Colors of Eggiton?

Green Guess? Who Am I

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter 2012, entries are rolling in

Give me a title and say a few words about your entry.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter 2012. New year, New rules. I don't know what they will be, but there will be new twists. The rules are driven by the creativity of the entries and the unique nature of each year's entries.

Special attention, this year, will be given to hiding the identity of entries. Last year the North-Lander contingent expressed concern that my identification of friends might have biased the votes. I will avoid this potential when posting eggs this year. The major contributing factor in this decision is I have friends entering this year (which are better than your friends) and they will probably win. The Mid-Lander contingent will be gathering on Saturday to prepare entries. The South-Lander contingent, a hard to beat group if prior year success is an indication of current year success, is probably done already.

Entry Dealine: Saturday, 5pm, Cincinnati time. Send your entries to my gmail account.

Voting Begins: Saturday night, as soon as I complete posting. Expect posting will require 1-3 hours.

Voting Closes: Sunday night, 5pm, I will tally and post results Sunday evening.