Sunday, April 25, 2010

All Things Bright and Beautiful

I was looking for the name of the church in San Jose and came across this. Very nice.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Church in San Jose, CR

This church is beautiful.
Caught the end of mass and then shot these pics.
You have to click on each of the pictures to see the detail.

Planning Dinner tonight in Costa Rica

I'm glad Mary isn't here, else she probably would try to cook these.
Found them at the market in San Jose while walking around this am.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Katie's Acceptance Speech

Katie B. said...

Whew! I had my Plushenko "I was robbed" speech all ready. This is much better. First, I'd like to thank Uncle Karl for organizing and hosting and the academy of voters for your support and spirited comments. To the Monk boys, thanks for dating and/or marrying such worthy competitors (but, seriously, if you're not to attached to them, feel free to find some less talented lady friends before next Easter). Finally, to my son Luke, I'd like to apologize. It's possible I overreacted when you GRABBED MY PINK PIG EGG AND DUNKED IT IN THE BLUE DYE. See? It all turned out okay. Mommy takes her crafting very seriously (but you know that already).

Sincerely humble in victory,

P.S. I'm starting to think about next year's competition. Perhaps a Touchdown Jesus submission is in order? It would be both seasonally appropriate and awesome...

7:32 AM, April 06, 2010

Monday, April 05, 2010

EIEIO, WINNER of the 2010 Monk Zone Easter Egg Competion

Receiving 20 of the 44 first place votes, EIEIO wins by a landslide.

24 Entries (largest in the 5 year history of this event)
243 Comments (ditto)
78 Votes (spread across 1st, 2nd and 3rd with one 'un-vote' that was discarded

1st place: EIEIO

2nd place: Sebastian the Ibis and Egg McTwist, a tie.
I awarded a tie for second as Sebastian received more 1st place votes than Egg McTwist while Egg McTwist received more 2nd and 3rd place votes. It seemed fair to weight the 1st place votes higher than the 2nd and 3rd; thus, it is a tie.

Congratulations to all the entrants for a superb showing, comments follow:

An Eggcellent Celebration by Natalie Thorgren
Clearly, the family is excited about coming weddings. [Not enough to vote for this egg, but still excited.] Lauren and Taylor; Andrew and Jody: best wishes in this year.

Snowman by Jake Monk
While garnering several first place votes, the lack of caption creativity really distrubed several of the voters. Remember grasshopper, PIE: performance, image, exposure. Popular due to the multiple use of eggs. Nice job.

The Injured Citizen by Bo Thorgren
Sympathy and Emotion reigned throughout the comments. Serious concern for the citizen's well being continue at this hour.

Jake and Lacee by Jake Monk and Lacee Landers
The Lander's group showed strong providing the only vote for these eggs. It's good to know the boy has support and approval from the people that count. All in all, a pathetic vote count but a very popular entry among the women.

White House Crashers by Mary Monk
Winner of the 'Current Events' category. Wait a minute, I decide the categories. Who is this Christine that voted and is naming categories? … continuing, Aunt Tammy wants to give an award in the 'Creativity' category, then disrespects the egg saying it isn't worthy of her vote. Winning the "I know how to make my vote count" Lacee Landers votes for Jake Monk's mother's entry. (wow that was alot of possessives strung together, Katie, did I get that correct?)

Twilight Zone by Grandma and Casey
Jelly Bean shoes are all the rage. What I don't understand is Casey only voted it as a 2nd place. I actually thought this looked like a Rose Bowl float.

Sebastian the Ibis by Momma Landers, Lacee, collaboration: Jake
A solid overall 2nd place winner. Rare for a new force to excel at this level. Not a surprising result from what I hear of the Landers clan. Coming in 2nd in the "Most Comments" category, this entry generated significant interest in the areas of subject matter and artistic merit. Comments ranged from vicious to educational with considerable school pride surfacing. [alas, no comments of Norte Dame, but the sun will come up on touchdown Jesus] Finally, Katie, an 'un-vote' does not subtract from the vote total [roll tide].

The Terrible Egg-cident by Rob Thorgren
A divide between the sexes on this one. It received male votes and female concern for the poor rider. Andrew's reputation lives on as the one most likely to have his head busted, but I suspect Sam may steal the crown.

Cheerleader by Lacee Landers
Can you believe it? The most beautiful entry, widely acclaimed, a hit with the women… and no votes.

Special Delivery by Sam Thorgren
Luke and Sam remain tight with Luke supplying a vote for Sam's entry. What can you say, blood is thicker than… A very popular entry receiving comments about use of color and props.

Cheerleader and Sebastian the Ibis by Momma Landers, Lacee, collaboration: Jake
A creative entry combining individual entries to make another entry. [Katie, can I use 'entry' 3x in the same sentence?]

Doot da doot da dooo dooo by Jody Farrell
A wildly popular entry soliciting considerable admiration from the voters for attention to detail while simultaneously evoking nightmares. Miss New Jersey, showing strong, will be a force to recon with in future years. Watch out Katie!

Egg Chopper by Doug Demaree and Sam Thorgren
Uncle Doug, how does it feel to have someone say you have a 'young creative mind'? A popular entry receiving a 1st and 3rd place vote.

Egg McTwist by Mary Monk
It was an Olympic year. The voters remain excited about the victory. [remember Cananda and USA split in hockey] Considerable staging and effort [read Dad does photoshop] went into the making of this creation. Congratulations for earning a solid 2nd place finish.

EIEIO by Katie Bowlby with Special Ass't: Luke Bowlby
The winner in the 'Most Comments' category with 23 comments, EIEIO, set the standard [once again] for the 2010 Easter Egg event. Soliciting votes from as far away as Korea, this winner of the 2010 contest blew away the competition. Twenty, yes 20, 1st place votes is a record that may never be broken.

stEGGasaurus by Uncle Doug Demaree
A popular entry. Winner of the "Best Caption" award. Congratulations, Uncle Doug!

Spring Bike Ride home from the market (see the flower in the bike's basket) by Lauren Loew
Obviously popular with the woman, Lauren's entry received positive comments for the eyes and romantic kudos. Great use of scenery.

Blue Suede Shoes by Mary Monk
The guitar stole Elvis's show. Elvis has left the refrigerator.

Papa Dougie by Natalie Thorgren
While receiving no votes, this entry still evoked comments telling us that Uncle Doug remains popular.

Eggtomom: What was I thinking? by Robin Demaree
A creative and topical entry. One of my favorites, if I were to vote. Wins the "Best Display of Color" award.

LL + JM (third grade love) Do you like me? Check yes or no by Lacee Landers
Winner of the "Best Caption" award, this egg received no votes and the least # of comments. Sometimes less is more. A great story in the making.

Kenny's GF has an accident by Karl Monk
A complete mystery, no votes. An exceptional entry that was under valued. [wait, that was my entry, should I retract my comments: no]

Mr. T: I pity the fool by Doug Demaree
Another popular enty for comments but not votes. Many 'sentences' were offered in admiration for this entry.

Lightning McQueen as himself by Doug Demaree
Two 1st place votes. Nice showing by Uncle Doug in this year's event. We seem to be missing entries from Uncle Bob. [given how sensitive Uncle Bob is, I know this comment will eat him up.]

Oh my God, am I done yet? I think so. Happy Easter and may 2010 bless us all!

Artist recognition, results in tabulation now!!

Order Egg Artist
1 An Eggcellent Celebration Natalie Thorgren
2 Snowman Jake Monk
3 The Injured Citizen Bo Thorgren
4 Jake and Lacee Jake Monk and Lacee Landers
5 White House Crashers Mary Monk
6 Twilight Zone Grandma and Casey
7 Sebastian the Ibis Momma Landers, Lacee, collaboration: Jake
8 The Terrible Egg-cident Rob Thorgren
9 Cheerleader Lacee Landers
10 Special Delivery Sam Thorgren
11 Cheerleader and Sebastian the Ibis
Momma Landers, Lacee, collaboration: Jake
12 Doot da doot da dooo dooo Jody Farrell
13 Egg Chopper Doug Demaree and Sam Thorgren
14 Egg McTwist Mary Monk
15 EIEIO Katie Bowlby
with Special Ass't: Luke Bowlby
16 stEGGasaurus Doug Demaree
17 Spring Bike Ride home from
the market (see the flower
in the bike's basket) Lauren Loew
18 Blue Suede Shoes Mary Monk
19 Papa Dougie Natalie Thorgren
20 Eggtomom: What was I thinking?
Robin Demaree
21 LL + JM (third grade love) Do you like me? Check yes or no
Lacee Landers
22 Kenny's GF has an accident Karl Monk
23 Mr. T: I pity the fool Doug Demaree
24 Lightning McQueen as himself
Doug Demaree

After 6pm, send me the names of who sent each egg

After 6pm Monday, Those who submitted multiple submissions, please, send me the names of the creator of each egg or post a comment here supplying the information.


Sunday, April 04, 2010

So... I think all entries are posted

Check over the posts. I think I have them all.
The voting is now open. Remember the rules!
Let me know if I missed something.

Remember, post your name and a comment. Comments worthy and interesting may garner bonus points for the entrant.

An EGGcellent Celebration


The Injured Citizen

Jake and Lacee

White House Crashers

Twilight Zone

Sebastian the Ibis (bird/Miami mascot)

The Terrible Egg-cident


Special Delivery

Cheerleader and Sebastian the Ibis

Doot da doot da dooo dooo

Egg Chopper

Egg McTwist



Spring Bike Ride home from the market (see the flower in the bike's basket)

Blue Suede Shoes

Papa Dougie

Eggtomom: What was I thinking?

LL + JM (third grade love) Do you like me? Check yes or no

Kenny's GF has an accident

Mr. T: I pity the fool

Lightning McQueen as himself

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Looking back at prior year results

Ah, reminiscing...

Some of my favorite comments and decisions from prior years:

All time favorite, the Katie/Luke ruling from 2007:
A ruling: Katie and Luke, 1 or 2 votes. After taking into account input from clearly biased parties, I have decided to award 2 votes. When does life begin? Clearly at conception. As to the plea that Luke is incapble of voting due to lack of a maturity... This was certainly a compelling arguement, but upon examination of the other voter's maturity levels, I would have had to disqualify all of them if I disqualifed Luke.

Ah, then in 2008, the controversial happened:
And the winner is: Butterfly
(super delegate voting is never fully understood, but very effective in manipulating results)

... Stay tuned, final eggs are arriving.

Eggtoons 2010

[you guessed it, click the picture to enlarge]

Eggtoons 2010

[click to enlarge]

Eggtoons 2010

[click to enlarge]