Monday, April 25, 2011

Good vs. Evil and Butterfly are #Winners! of the 2011 Monk Zone Easter Egg Competition

Once again, Katie Bowlby pulls down the top prize in the Adult Division. Mackenzie, friend of Nat and Rob, wins by a landslide in the Children's Division.

It was a hard fought competition with 29 entries, most in the six (yes 6) year history of this prestigious event.

I've embedded the comments and awards in the picture on the post immediately below this one, but I'll recap now:

1st Place to Good vs. Evil, Katie and Luke Bowlby. A classic entry, popular, artistic and fun.

1st Place to Butterfly, Mackenzie. Katie was lucky this wasn't entered in the Adult Division else she might have gotten a run for her money. Watch out, the children are coming!

2nd Place goes to Andrew Monk with Eggterprise. The Best Use of Cadbury Eggs and Foil set him apart from the competition. While he tied for 1st place votes with Good vs. Evil, the 2nd place vote awarded to the Bat crew by, none other than Andrew's mother, tipped the winning weight towards the south. I'm sure Andrew will graciously congratulate his #winning! cousin.

2nd Place in the Children's Division goes to Mike from Monsters Inc by Connor. Awarded "Best Monster Feet".

Almost in 1st was Co Pandas, a popular entry by Robin Demaree. If Lacee hadn't split her vote for 1st, this would have tied for the top spot.

Finally, numerous awards this year were given for:
Most Artistic - Egg Foo Young by Scott J.
Best Title - Nest Egg by Natalie Thorgren
Most Penetrating Eyes - Snorklers by Kelley J.
Best Likeness - Albert Eggstein by Kelley J
Best Use of Props - Stop! Police by Doug and Sam
Best Use of a Tutu - The Black Swan by Mary Monk
2011 Catholic Religious Award for Appropriate Use of a Sacrament by Mary Monk
BlogMaster Award to Jody Monk for Best Use of Buttons and Boots
Dad's Award to Egg Minster Dog Show for Best Question (Jake's coming home. What?!)
Rob Thorgren Award to Andrew Monk for Easter Egg Hunt... why didn't I think of that?
Move Over Steve Jobs goes to Bo Thorgren for the next generation of green phones
Best Use of a Husband's Vote goes to Doug Demaree. (I'd like details in a private email, please.)
Least Effective Use of a Vote to Lacee (you don't get off free since JT's going down, Boom!)
Best Use of Monochromatic Color to Fred the Egg by Sam Thorgren
Best Comment Award to Katie for noticing the lost egg
Best Monster Feet to Connor in Mike from Monsters Inc
Best Mollie Ringwald, Disco Ball and Costume Design to Eggcident at Studio 54 by Tammy and Lisa Loew
I could have won in the Children's Division goes to Doug
Fastest Recovery from a Hangover goes to the crew (eggs) in Your huddled eggs... by Lisa and Tammy
and finally, to Jody, the most unique award for 2011...
the "Yes, I have neon fabric" Award.

Thanks to all who posted this year. May God bless you all.
(as Andrew says...)
Live Strong and Prosper

Detail Results, Easter 2011

This is the worksheet used to tally comments and votes. Might be too detailed for some readers.

Monday night I'll do the tally

I will put together the comments, votes and awards this Monday evening.
Off to work I go, (sing along) Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's off to work we go!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

All Eggs are posted, let the voting begin

Year 6, yes, Year 6 is this year's number.
Thanks to all who submitted eggs as it will make my victory sweeter.

Voting closes at 7pm, Cincinnati time, on Easter Sunday (unless gratuitous begging extends the deadline.)

All the eggs are posted. Let me know if I missed any, I'll remediate immediately.

Another strong showing this year. Creativity is at an all time high, even though the use of "color on egg" was not in vogue. Not sure if it was the economy boycotting Paas Easter Egg Coloring or a back to natural movement. Only time will tell.

Voting Rules:
Rule 1, there are no rules. Vote as you like. Your comments matter and weigh heavily in the final determination.
Rule 2, note... there is a Children's Division. Vote accordingly. Any entry not labeled Children's Division is fair game, no need to be kind.

We will have several categories of winner, so vote frequently and often. Ranking of entries against each other is welcome.

Post general comments on this post, specific comments on the individual egg submission.

If you refer to last year's summary, you can see it will take me some time to tabulate the winner, correlate comments and try to have some fun.

Thanks to all who submitted this year and to those that didn't, next year is right around the corner. Happy Easter to all and God bless!


To open this year's contest, a challenge and a mission. What a mission, to go where no man has gone before. To create the perfect egg... To win... To have bragging rights for yet another year!
Live Strong and Prosper.

Honorary Entry from The U

Our Hurricanes are prepping for finals, so no entry this year. To recognize their sacrifice, we post a winning entry from last year.
Do well Jake and Lacee!

Nest Egg

While I'm not sure this entry is legal to tender, it is an official submission. As long as Timmy Geithner isn't monitoring this blog, we should be OK. Best use of the US Dollar?

Matriarch and vehicle(s) before dinner

Good time had by all, can you tell?


this is the #Winning! entry; you go Charlie!

Egg Foo Young

Gotta love the number of oriental entries this year. Well done! Marvelous symmetry and balance. I''d expect nothing less.

Eggstremely Lazy

A first of its kind. A classic. Best use of light and shadow? How about that horizon? Is this a naked circus egg? How is it balancing? So much to ponder, so little time.


Amazing entry. Are those marshmallow face masks? Are they looking at me? Piercing eyes. Even the boat is staring at me. Wow!

Albert Eggstein

I could have guessed this without being told. Duh. A very smart entry. Guest entry? hummm

Stop! Police

While adult help was provided, this is still an entry in the Children's Division.
Nice bike (trike)!

The Black Swan

She's beautiful and intriguing.

JT goes to confession

Could this be the winner in the "That Egg made me say Ouch!" category?
Could this be a winner in the "Best Use of VESTments" category?
Could this be a hurricane blowing through or a little breeze? Only time will tell.


Clearly the best entry in the Buttons and Boots Category. Possibly a winner in the Built to Scale Category. The little guy was everywhere, very hard to photograph!

Egg Minster Dog Show

I get a kick out of this one. It's from the heart.

Easter Egg Hunt

What do you do when all the eggs are colored?
You go on an Easter Egg Hunt.
[note: not an entry]

Hokasai Samur-egg Fr: Kyoto, Japan

A classic entry, very intellectual.

Dinner before doing eggs at Andrew and Jody's

A great meal.


The Egg Phone rules.
Children's Division Entry

Co Pandas

A shy entry, but creative and talented. Is that eucalyptus, bamboo, asparagus? Maybe Play-Do? Hummmm


Children's Division
Excellent, Excellent use of color and nature!

Good vs. Evil

Good vs. Evil
Bat Egg
I feel safe now.

Fred the Egg

Children's Division Entry.
(no, Uncle Doug and Uncle Bob are not included)

With a sleigh full of toys and St. Nicol-egg too!

Are those Wise Men or Elves? Reindeer? Is that a red nose and black antlers?

Mike from Monsters Inc

Be afraid.
Children's Division Entry

Eggcident at Studio 54

Way too much alcohol consumed in this picture. Nice heels!

Waiting for the Easter Bunny...

Tastes like chicken! See... Easter IS for everyone!

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

A guest entry this year. Is the spelling of potato correct?

Egg Trio

Clearly, a candidate for the "Best Use of Stickers" award. A new category for 2011!
Children's Division Entry

It happened on the way to the Easter Egg Contest

On no!!

Where's Eggo?

A classic by the master of disguise. Where's Eggo?

Your huddled eggs yearning to be free

A fabulous montage of diversity. I wonder who entered this masterpiece?

Whoops, how did this slip in?

Jody put on quite a feast. (this is not pre-game meditation.)

Spider Sam has the egg-pox!

Be careful, he may be contagious!

Let the enjoyment (competition begin)

We are home from a wonderful dinner at Andrew and Jody's house. Great pie and a good time. I'm starting the process of loading, sorting and posting. This will take a few hours. I will post as I go. Comments are welcome, but hold your voting until I've posted all the eggs. I'll issue an All Done message.

5pm deadline for Eggs is extended

Due to accomodating the visit of Grandma to the mothership along with her transport vehicle (Bob and Tammy), the winning eggs will not be created until later this evening. Deadline is now whenever you want it to be. I'll try to have all eggs posted by later this evening (it will be 5 o'clock somewhere!) I'll assume our eggs will be the latest, let me know if you need extra time.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Egg Competition

It's that time of year again. I'm thinking of the rules but they will be similar to previous years. Group voting will determine the winner.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances... Saturday at 5pm is the cutoff for submissions. The more entries the better. It will make my victory all the sweeter.