Monday, April 25, 2011

Good vs. Evil and Butterfly are #Winners! of the 2011 Monk Zone Easter Egg Competition

Once again, Katie Bowlby pulls down the top prize in the Adult Division. Mackenzie, friend of Nat and Rob, wins by a landslide in the Children's Division.

It was a hard fought competition with 29 entries, most in the six (yes 6) year history of this prestigious event.

I've embedded the comments and awards in the picture on the post immediately below this one, but I'll recap now:

1st Place to Good vs. Evil, Katie and Luke Bowlby. A classic entry, popular, artistic and fun.

1st Place to Butterfly, Mackenzie. Katie was lucky this wasn't entered in the Adult Division else she might have gotten a run for her money. Watch out, the children are coming!

2nd Place goes to Andrew Monk with Eggterprise. The Best Use of Cadbury Eggs and Foil set him apart from the competition. While he tied for 1st place votes with Good vs. Evil, the 2nd place vote awarded to the Bat crew by, none other than Andrew's mother, tipped the winning weight towards the south. I'm sure Andrew will graciously congratulate his #winning! cousin.

2nd Place in the Children's Division goes to Mike from Monsters Inc by Connor. Awarded "Best Monster Feet".

Almost in 1st was Co Pandas, a popular entry by Robin Demaree. If Lacee hadn't split her vote for 1st, this would have tied for the top spot.

Finally, numerous awards this year were given for:
Most Artistic - Egg Foo Young by Scott J.
Best Title - Nest Egg by Natalie Thorgren
Most Penetrating Eyes - Snorklers by Kelley J.
Best Likeness - Albert Eggstein by Kelley J
Best Use of Props - Stop! Police by Doug and Sam
Best Use of a Tutu - The Black Swan by Mary Monk
2011 Catholic Religious Award for Appropriate Use of a Sacrament by Mary Monk
BlogMaster Award to Jody Monk for Best Use of Buttons and Boots
Dad's Award to Egg Minster Dog Show for Best Question (Jake's coming home. What?!)
Rob Thorgren Award to Andrew Monk for Easter Egg Hunt... why didn't I think of that?
Move Over Steve Jobs goes to Bo Thorgren for the next generation of green phones
Best Use of a Husband's Vote goes to Doug Demaree. (I'd like details in a private email, please.)
Least Effective Use of a Vote to Lacee (you don't get off free since JT's going down, Boom!)
Best Use of Monochromatic Color to Fred the Egg by Sam Thorgren
Best Comment Award to Katie for noticing the lost egg
Best Monster Feet to Connor in Mike from Monsters Inc
Best Mollie Ringwald, Disco Ball and Costume Design to Eggcident at Studio 54 by Tammy and Lisa Loew
I could have won in the Children's Division goes to Doug
Fastest Recovery from a Hangover goes to the crew (eggs) in Your huddled eggs... by Lisa and Tammy
and finally, to Jody, the most unique award for 2011...
the "Yes, I have neon fabric" Award.

Thanks to all who posted this year. May God bless you all.
(as Andrew says...)
Live Strong and Prosper


mary said...

Congrats to MacKenzie and Katie. We enjoyed the work of the new participants. See you back next year.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all - even though my entry did not get a mention.
I should have rec'd the award for best use of paper napkin.


Katie B. said...

(I told myself I wasn't going to cry!)

First, I'd like to thank the esteemed panel of judges. To those of you who voted for me, you look lovely tonight, and your taste is impeccable. To those who chose to cast your votes elsewhere...well I'll keep this civil. And, also, booyah, suckas! All I do is win!


I'd also like to thank Adam West, Heath Ledger, and George Clooney (although not for his Batman performance. That was unfortunate.)

Thanks to our new competitors, who elevated the contest. Y'all better bring it in 2012 (but not the kids. Shudder).

And, most of all, I'd like to thank my collaborator, Luke, who tirelessly played with his Batman toys and watched Batman shows until his eyes bled, all in the name of market research. He served as both consultant and inspiration for this project. And, although we had our creative differences (he pushed for the retro blue Batsuit, but I insisted upon the edgier black suit because I thought it would help secure the youth vote), I think we're one heck of a team. Sorry Mommy acted like a diva!

BigDad said...

Katie's #winning! acceptance speech is why we're proud she's in the family.

Check out this response (clean and safe):

Robin said...

Congrats, Katie. I am one proud mother.

Thank you, Karl, for puttimg this all together. You make me laugh.

And isn't that what this is all about?

Anonymous said...

I am one of the (many) now-famous friends of Nat and Rob. I want to say thanks so much for letting our family join in all your fun! Unfortunately, my kids are already in bed, but boy are they going to be excited in the morning. Mackenzie has inherited some of my competitive genes and made me check your blog 4 times yesterday to see how many comments she had. She is going to be THRILLED that her butterfly was such a winning hit. It was even her idea to go
outside and take that picture.

From our family to yours, thanks again.....and watch out we're already thinking of ideas for next year. :)
Kelley J.

Natalie said...

Katie - you forgot to thank YOUR SISTER.

Katie B. said...

Thank you for...not voting for me? For bringing in your talented friends to try to dethrone me? Pass.

Andrew Monk said...

I am filing a formal complaint after I congratulate all entries.


First, I demand a recount.
This needs to be considered due to the second place vote that alledgedly sprung my humble cousin into the lead.
I am appalled that a second place vote outweighs more first place votes.
If I had elected to word my 'extra vote' as a second place nomination than I'd be implying that I'm voting for a sub-par egg.
Therefore, at least one more of my first place votes should count which would outweigh one second and hop me into the lead.
Happy Easter,
Kanye West

BigDad said...

After careful consideration of the appeal for a recount (elapsed time of consideration 2.546 seconds) the appeal is DENIED.

tam2324l said...

Even though I voted for Katie's entry, I believe Lisa and I were robbed.