Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday night I'll do the tally

I will put together the comments, votes and awards this Monday evening.
Off to work I go, (sing along) Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's off to work we go!


Anonymous said...

Karl, could I make a suggestion?

Maybe we shouldn't identify the "guests" as that seems to infer,"don't vote for them, as their 'feriners' and aren't valued as 'blood' or relatives by marriage. If they go through the trouble, they're in. As I understand it, the 'guest' felt bad that she was identified as such.. Grandma

BigDad said...

A good suggestion. As I started to post the eggs I was celebrating the input from friends, but then realized there were many, so didn't want to continue the theme, as it wasn't adding value.

No bad intent meant. (to whomever I offended, sorry. but TOUGHEN UP, this is a serious competition.)