Monday, April 05, 2010

Artist recognition, results in tabulation now!!

Order Egg Artist
1 An Eggcellent Celebration Natalie Thorgren
2 Snowman Jake Monk
3 The Injured Citizen Bo Thorgren
4 Jake and Lacee Jake Monk and Lacee Landers
5 White House Crashers Mary Monk
6 Twilight Zone Grandma and Casey
7 Sebastian the Ibis Momma Landers, Lacee, collaboration: Jake
8 The Terrible Egg-cident Rob Thorgren
9 Cheerleader Lacee Landers
10 Special Delivery Sam Thorgren
11 Cheerleader and Sebastian the Ibis
Momma Landers, Lacee, collaboration: Jake
12 Doot da doot da dooo dooo Jody Farrell
13 Egg Chopper Doug Demaree and Sam Thorgren
14 Egg McTwist Mary Monk
15 EIEIO Katie Bowlby
with Special Ass't: Luke Bowlby
16 stEGGasaurus Doug Demaree
17 Spring Bike Ride home from
the market (see the flower
in the bike's basket) Lauren Loew
18 Blue Suede Shoes Mary Monk
19 Papa Dougie Natalie Thorgren
20 Eggtomom: What was I thinking?
Robin Demaree
21 LL + JM (third grade love) Do you like me? Check yes or no
Lacee Landers
22 Kenny's GF has an accident Karl Monk
23 Mr. T: I pity the fool Doug Demaree
24 Lightning McQueen as himself
Doug Demaree


Natalie said...

Aunt Tammy... I guess I didn't know you as well as I thought... you didn't enter? But... it's a competition!!!!

Anonymous said...

Karl - we know who entered - now we want to knowwho won.

Tammy said...

Sorry Natalie. I had too much going on this week to do it. However, I am in the planning phases for next year.....