Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Katie's Acceptance Speech

Katie B. said...

Whew! I had my Plushenko "I was robbed" speech all ready. This is much better. First, I'd like to thank Uncle Karl for organizing and hosting and the academy of voters for your support and spirited comments. To the Monk boys, thanks for dating and/or marrying such worthy competitors (but, seriously, if you're not to attached to them, feel free to find some less talented lady friends before next Easter). Finally, to my son Luke, I'd like to apologize. It's possible I overreacted when you GRABBED MY PINK PIG EGG AND DUNKED IT IN THE BLUE DYE. See? It all turned out okay. Mommy takes her crafting very seriously (but you know that already).

Sincerely humble in victory,

P.S. I'm starting to think about next year's competition. Perhaps a Touchdown Jesus submission is in order? It would be both seasonally appropriate and awesome...

7:32 AM, April 06, 2010

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Tammy said...

That Katie. Always so humble.