Sunday, April 08, 2012

All Eggs are posted, let the 2012 Voting Begin!!

Year 7... Thanks to all who submitted eggs!
Voting closes at 7pm, Cincinnati time, on Easter Sunday (unless gratuitous begging extends the deadline.) All the eggs are posted. Let me know if I missed any, I'll remediate immediately.

This year saw a strong political flavor and multiple Angry Bird entries.

Voting Rules:Rule 1, (same as always) there are no rules. Vote as you like. Your comments matter and weigh heavily in the final determination.
Rule 2, see rule Number 1

Ranking of entries against each other is welcome.Post general comments on this post, specific comments on the individual egg submission.If you refer to last year's summary, you can see it will take me some time to tabulate the winner, correlate comments and try to have some fun. Thanks to all who submitted this year and to those that didn't, next year is right around the corner. Happy Easter to all and God bless!

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Anonymous said...

All very high quality entries this year- impressive.-Lauren