Saturday, April 07, 2007

2nd Annual Easter Egg Competition

This year we had several more entrants than Big Dad and White Lightning. Also entered are Rx, TiVo, the Fair Maiden, The Great Dane, D$, and the newest addition to the family, Miss NJ.

Vote for your favorite egg. Of course, no Sanjia voting is allowed. Comments are welcome, please sign your name within the comment if you choose not to log on.

Voting will be open for Easter Sunday and possible Monday.

Voting closed by the commish at 9:40pm EDT, Monday, April 9, 2007

Before I post the results, I would like to thank all the artists who contributed this year. The trash talking was at times intense, but the spirit of the season clearly showed as the collaborative criticism from other artists inspired all.

A ruling: Katie and Luke, 1 or 2 votes. After taking into account input from clearly biased parties, I have decided to award 2 votes. When does life begin? Clearly at conception. As to the plea that Luke is incapble of voting due to lack of a maturity... This was certainly a compelling arguement, but upon examination of the other voter's maturity levels, I would have had to disqualify all of them if I disqualifed Luke.

And the winner is: Earth with 11 votes and double the number of comments of the nearest competitor. Congratulations Jacob B. Monk (Rx)

In 2nd place, Lady with a bum knee by Karl Monk (BigDad) Clearly, this was the most creative use of green material. Should have won.

Tied for 3rd,
Devil, Andrew Monk (White Lightning)
Sun Up Sun Down, Emily Rozo (the Fair Maiden)
Laid and Egg, Dana Smiddy (The Great Dane)

Receiving no votes, but commanding adoring comments was Melon Patch by Emily Rozzo, the inspiration for Lady with a bum knee by Karl Monk. But, as we all know, critical acclaim is useless if you don't get the vote.

The intelligence of the voters clearly showed thru. The gratuitous pandering to the voters in Laid and Egg (thought to be a sure winner in the geographically centric voting population of Chicago) and the emotional Livestrong (a cheap plea for the sympathy vote).

All others: honorable mention (meaning they sucked, but I must remain politically correct.) People awarded honorable mention (stinking up the place) were Mary Monk (TiVo); and Danny Monk (D$).

A special thanks to the contestant traveling the greatest distance, Miss NJ, Jody Ferrell. (while clearly a rookie, she shows promise.)


Anonymous said...

The creativity this year is astounding. And the sheer number off eggs boggles the mind.

My number 1 is Earth. But wow, Project Runway was a close second, and Lady with a Bum Knee, Donatello, and Sun Up Sun Down were honorable mentions.

Clap clap claps all around.


Bo Knows said...

Can I make a request? Next year I would like to view "Easter Egg Competition: Behind the Scenes" I'd like some insider information. How long does this event take? Are they done secretly, or as group efforts? Do you work together to create the scenes or does everyone fend for themselves? What's the atmosphere like... fun and playful or serious and competitive?? I mean, I know it may not be cutthroat competitive b/c Aunt Tammy's not there... but still wondering...

Anonymous said...

I would also like to see "easter eggs behind the scenes," and just by the sheer genetic background of the participants, it IS a competitive environment.

If Aunt Tammy was there, she'd win for sure....

Anonymous said...

Laid an Egg is the clear winner. Absolutely amazing creativity! Where did that artist come from??

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Karl. I have won on all counts.

I voted for Earth, my newest grandson has officially been recognized-Luke is as mature as the rest of them.

Thanks for bringing us all closer together this Easter. I am looking forward to next year.

Anonymous said...

It was totally rigged! Just because the prodigal son decided to grace us with his presence this year, does not mean that we have to inflate his ego to any more prodigious a size than it already is. Besides, he copied. The earth? Come on, how many times has that been done?! Lets give some due respect to those artists out there that were truely original.

~Disgruntled Artist