Sunday, March 23, 2008

2008 Easter Egg Competition Winner: Emily Rozzo and Butterfly

...and the results of the 2008 Easter Competition are:

Receiving the Popular vote: Memoirs of a Geisha 8 votes
Artist: Mary Monk
Comments: A broad based favorite also receiving the most comments. (Tammy, the boys understood. Thanks Rebecca.)

Egg Pool: 4 votes
Artist: Jake Monk
Voting demographics: broad spectrum, no clear profile. Young, a bit older, North and South.

Butterfly: 4 votes
Artist: Emily Rozzo
Although some of the votes came in after the deadline, in the spirit of a fine Chicago election, I counted them.

Easter Sundae: 3 votes
Artist: Emily Rozzo

Stein visits: 2 votes
Artist: Jake Monk
Interesting voting demographics on Stein visits. Sam (age <1 year) and Stephanie (Katie's friend)... humm, I wonder how old. The artist, Jake Monk, has a warped (smart people call it eclectic) sense of humor. Clearly, Stephanie is also marching to a different drummerette.

D-egg Care: 1 vote
Artist: Mary Monk

OU Peace: 1 vote
Artist: Andrew Monk (collaborating artist in absentia, Miss NJ)

The REAL Easter Bunny: 1 vote
Artist: Andrew Monk The question was asked: Where to Easter Eggs come from? Answer: China.

Freedom doesn't come in a bottle: 1 vote
Artist: Andrew Monk

Sean and Danny: 0 votes
Artist: Sean

School Spirit: 0 votes
Artist: Danny Monk (collaboration: Jake Monk)

DG: 0 votes
Artist: Mary Monk

And the winner is: Butterfly
(super delegate voting is never fully understood, but very effective in manipulating results)

Contenders: D-egg Care, Butterfly and DG. Each of the three finalists demonstrated merit, but Butterfly ended up winning.

Clearly, Butterfly, while not winning the popular vote (what do the people know?) was the best of the entries. Butterfly would win if entered in a larger contest.

Congratulations to Butterfly, the winner of the 2008 Easter Egg competition.

All results are final (unless money is available to prompt a re-count.)
Big Dad (See you all again next year.)


Bo Knows said...

Bo will be so happy to know he voted for Jake's egg. Nice work Emily... clearly, I must be a Super Delegate, since the butterfly was my choice.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Emily. Even though my choice didn't win, I understand. Good job to all, and thanks for adding to our Easter Sunday. Tammy

Bowlby said...

Uncle Karl didn't make one? What up wit dat?

Bowlby said...
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Anonymous said...

What is the point of voting if your votes are not counted? Is this Chavez or Castro style voting? I am going to boycott this event next year! Mary

Anonymous said...

No Integrity!

Robin said...

Typical. THE MAN makes us think we live in a democracy and then, after we all vote we are told that THE MAN knows what we want/need better than we do.

Sorry, Emily. I thought your butterfly was beautiful. But I was voting for substance and carefully reviewed the candidates, cast my vote and made sure there were no hanging chads.

AND for what???
My only consolation-Hillary didn't win. At least I have something to be thankful for. But next year we might have to bring in impartial judges to make sure the votes are counted correctly.

stephinbham said...

ha ha. Interesting observation. I do, indeed, march to a different drummerette, and I also thank you for being PC.

And I'm 29. And three-quarters.