Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mosaic Table project

Martha's got nothing on me!!


Steve said...

Mary, The table looks great. It
should be very enjoyable to have your morning coffee at it. Now if
you can just get someone to bring you the morning paper.

Bowlby said...

I need details!

Anonymous said...

The design looks quite intricate.


Anonymous said...

I need a summer project. How did you do this? Tam

Robin said...

this is beautiful. It looks impossible to me.

Anonymous said...

I had a metal table with no top.
Cut out the wonderboard.
Arrange the small glass tiles in a pattern. Cut out a pattern on a cardboard the same size as your wonderboard so that you can work on your pattern first.
Apply thin set for outdoor use. (Andrew and Karl handed me my tiles and helped apply thin set ahead of me.) That part about an hour and a half.
Quickly apply tiles. Leave them sit 24 hours.
after 48 hours, Seal the grout.