Thursday, September 24, 2009

Katie, need some help here

The sentance:
Don't even remember I was there.

Since memory is something in the present, "don't" seems correct.
It sounds strange.
Saying, Didn't even remember I was there would indicate I currently do remember, which is not the case.

Your thoughts?

(I know this is addressed to Katie, but if any of you other 'wanna bees' have an opinion, I will read them, but probably only believe Katie. Of course, you could wait until she responds, then agree, but that won't earn you any points.)


Katie B. said...

You're right, Uncle K. "Don't" is correct, because you don't currently remember.

P.S. Flattery will get you everwhere.

Tammy said...

Katie is a show off.....

And I suspect I violated some sort of rule with that sentence.

I have one to ask Katie, too, but I can't remember it right now. Dang it.

Anonymous said...

OK Karl, we're ready for something new. Pics?

That post is more than ONE MONTH old.


Anonymous said...

yeah i agree with Grandma... what about some pictures of the neighborhood kids from hallooween?