Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Andrew in Pamplona running with the bulls

The report is back, Andrew ran with the bulls today and survived. There seems to be brief video proof, but until I can translate the file to something that I can show on the blog, no video.

I wasn't really in favor, but said nothing. Based upon having two other sons (one might be optional if family jewels ruined by a bull) and based upon possibly being a beneficiary of life insurance (not sure) I said nothing.

Glad he's OK.


Robin said...

glad I didn't know before hand. It wouldn't have made any difference in Andrew's eyes.....but I would have worried. and the last thing I need is more worry lines.

Tammy said...

Glad I didn't know ahead of time, either. I can't believe he ran on the last day - reports on the news said it was the day that had the highest number of injuries.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, the risk taker. Glad he's OK. Looks like he and Jody are made for each other.