Thursday, December 09, 2010

From London

This is a view of the River Thames from my hotel. I was really surprised by how tidal the river is. Here the tide is up. When the tide is down, this plank to the ferry descends at more than a 45 degree angle down.

This is a famous pub in London. You may have seen it recently on a commercial for the iPad. This area was famous for its whaling trade during the 18th century. Ships would return here from Greenland to process whale bone and blubber.


Robin said...

looks wonderful, Karl. Be careful, I just read that protesters in London have run amok.

it actually said that. so watch your step.

Tammy said...

Did you eat there? What did you get? I think I would have chosen the pork.

Tammy said...

And Karl - are you encountering any of the protestors?

Anonymous said...

We don't have any English restaurants in our country. Thank goodness.


BigDad said...

Just from my experience, pork is rarely the meat of choice, usually lamb, mutton, beef.

I had the beef stew (the dumpling sold me).

As to seeing unrest from within the ranks of their social welfare system, no I did not encounter anything.

The people from the USA need to see how a social welfare system does not work, on any level. The UK is a laboratory of failed experiments. I could elaborate off-line.