Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Egg, 2010 Rules

rules: submit anything you want, but must include an identifiable egg.

deadline for submission: trying to go easy on everyone, let's say 10pm on Saturday night, Cincinnati time.

I will post the eggs right away on Saturday night.

Voting will be all day Sunday AND Monday, closing at 6pm on Monday night, Cincinnati time.

All submissions to be emailed to:

Submission must include:
1. name of submission - credit will be given for creative and thought provoking names.
2. DO NOT tell me who made the egg. You will have time to take credit after you win.
When I post the egg, I won't give a clue who submitted the egg.
3. All day Sunday and Monday the voting will be open to an international audience.
4. I will tally the votes after 6pm Monday, write a summary of the votes and comments and publish the winner.
5. Should your egg or the comments associated / solicited by your egg excite, extra credit may be given.
6. Multiple submissions are welcome.
7. When you vote, please, identify yourself. We only want one vote per person.
8. You may vote for 1st, 2nd, 3rd or just 1 or none.
9. Votes by even the little ones are welcome, so come on Sam and Luke!

If anyone has suggestions for additional rules or changes, please submit to me at your leisure.

Check the blog for the final rules, I will post them there.

Thanks, Karl


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It is so on.

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I have the winning concept.